Can I add my own calculations/data to your spreadsheet?

Yes, absolutely! A new sheet will have to be created since most of our spreadsheets are locked for editing to prevent things from breaking. You can still pull in data from any cell by referencing it in your formula.

Just follow these steps:

  1. At the bottom, middle of the spreadsheet, click the + next to the right of the sheets tabs to add a new sheet
  2. Click the triangle in the upper left next to cell A1
  3. Right Click and select “Format Cells”
  4. Select the Protection tab and uncheck “Locked” (this prevents the new sheet from being password protected when updating data)
  5. Add whatever you want to the new sheet.

Be sure to uncheck “Locked” before clicking update on the dashboard. Otherwise, the cells will be locked on the new sheet and you won’t be able to see the Protection tab under Format Cells.

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