How do I tell Amazon to give me a refund on the items lost or damaged?

If the number in Total Discrepancy is greater than 0 for an individual SKU, open a case with Seller Support under Selling on Amazon > Fulfillment by Amazon > FBA Issue > Something else. You’ll want to provide as much information as possible to make the process easier for them.

  1. Explain what SKUs (or FNSKUs) have been lost/damaged
  2. Explain that it has been 45 days since the items were lost/damaged
  3. The quantity that has been lost/damaged
  4. The date inventory was last lost/damaged. (look at the Inventory Adj sheet for this – In v2.0, double click on the last adjustment to filter the report by SKU)
  5. The estimated amount you believe you should be reimbursed per SKU (optional)

If you have a lot of different SKUs that were lost/damaged you should do them in batches of no more than 10 SKUs or so. We don’t want to overwhelm Amazon support. That and this will make it easier to track in the future.


Here is a template that can be used:


I’m showing that the following inventory was lost or damaged in a fulfillment center, but it was never reimbursed for:

Date – SKU – Quantity
9/18/2016 – SKU1 – 1
7/13/2016 – SKU2 – 1
7/11/2016 – SKU3 – 1
8/3/2016 – SKU4 – 1
11/01/2016 – SKU5 – 1

Since it has been more than 45 days since these items were lost or damaged, I would appreciate a reimbursement per Amazon’s FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy. Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide!

Thank you!