The auto-import is not working correctly, what is going on?

The auto-import feature uses Internet Explorer to literally go into Seller Central, request the reports, and download them. In some cases we get the data directly from the page (like shipping data). This process requires that you have Internet Explorer (at least v11), and a stable internet connection. The auto-import feature will not work with Excel for Mac.

There are a few things that could, and sometimes do, go wrong:

  1. When saving a file we have to use what is called ‘SendKeys’ to click some buttons. If this process is interrupted when a key is pressed, or an IE window goes out of focus, it can trip up the macro. There is no easy way to recover from this other then skipping the file, and moving on. It is best to not use your computer when the import is running.
  2. Seller Central failed to load within 10 seconds, and data was skipped. Check your internet connection to be sure.
  3. Amazon changed something on a page that we were looking for. This happens from time to time. Recently Amazon put a limit on the amount of sales data that could be downloaded per report to 180 days.

If 1 or 2 happens, simply run the auto-import again, and the missing data will try to download. If an item simply refuses to download, open a support ticket so we can take a look.

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