Why are there are a lot of discrepancies in the Lost-Destroyed report?

Either Amazon has lost a lot of your inventory, or there is an overlap in the data. If there are a lot of discrepancies in the beginning of the report, the former is more likely.

To fix this, and make the report more accurate you should filter out lost inventory that has been lost in the past 45 days.  Amazon doesn’t reimburse for lost/damaged inventory for at least 45 days from the time it was reported lost/damaged.

To do this:

  1. Go to the Inventory Adj sheet
  2. Find column H (reason), hit the down arrow in the header
  3. Click select all, so everything is un-selected, then click ‘M’. Now only records with M as the reason show show up.
  4. Click cell A2 and drag to I2 
  5. Hit shift, then the down arrow to select down
  6. Keep hitting the down arrow until all records from the past 45 days are selected
  7. Hit delete on your keyboard
  8. Click the arrow again from column H, select “Clear filter from “reason””