What do the Problems mean on the Order Summary sheet?

Problem = Yes: FBA fees were more than both the Threshold and FeePreview. There was definitely something different with orders marked yes, and they should be investivated.

Problem = Maybe: FBA fees for this order were more than the Threshold OR FeePreview. This may be because of an incorrect fee, and we didn’t have a whole lot of data to go on, or because of a FBA fee change. There isn’t necessarily an issue, but you should check to be sure.

Problem = Decreased: FBA fees were less than what is listed in FeePreview. This is probably because the fees were recently adjusted for that item due to a weight or dimension change. That means the fees could currently be incorrect and this tool did not pick up on it because it thinks those fees are normal.  Orders with a quantity more than 1 are filtered. Regardless, you should investigate why the FBA fees are less.