Amazon FBA Instant Scan & (FNSKU) Label Printer




The Amazon FBA Instant Scan & (FNSKU) Label printer makes it easy to scan your products and instantly print your FBA FNSKU labels without a connection to Amazon! All you have to do is load your inventory file (from Amazon) into the spreadsheet, select your printer/label size, and scan! As long as a match of the barcode is made to your inventory, the FNSKU label will instantly print!


  • Option to select the type of barcode you are scanning in order to print a label – SKU, FNSKU, or UPC/ISBN/EAN
  • Can print labels in horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Set the number of labels to print at a time
  • Keeps a log of Scan history with that matches the SKU, FNSKU, ASIN, and Title when possible (useful for copying into a shipment file)
  • When adding new inventory, you only need to update the inventory file for new FNSKU labels to print
  • Option for 1 or 2 lines for the product title
  • Option to print the SKU on the label
  • Feature to add custom fields via a data file (like the Category listings report) like Size and Color


Stop paying monthly fees just to print FNSKU labels!



  • Dymo or Zebra label printer
  • Excel 2007+
  • Barcodes to be scanned must match the product ID in your Amazon inventory (to check this, go to Inventory > Manage Inventory > and make sure the UPC/EAN – you may have to go to preferences and enable the field – for your inventory is the same as the barcode you are scanning on the product). In cases where the Product ID is the ASIN, your SKU must match the barcode you are scanning.

Additional information

Release Log

8/2/2017 – v1.0
– Initial release

8/29/2017 – v1.1
– Added ability to scan UPC/ISBN/EAN, and FNSKU barcodes, and the ability to choose which barcode to scan
– Added ASIN and SKU to Scan History

9/22/2017 – v1.2
– Added the ability to load a custom data file with SKU attributes to include on the labels. For example, you could use this to print Size or Color on the FNSKU label.
– Added option to specify 1 or 2 lines for the product Title
– Added option to display the item SKU on the label


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