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The Amazon FBA Product Fee Checker makes it easy to see what FBA orders may have been charged fees incorrectly by Amazon. This can happen when the product’s size, weight or product category changes. Many times sellers are unaware they are being charged higher fees, and losing out on more potential revenue!  The fee checker will also check all of your current inventory for abnormal weights and dimensions, and compare older Fee Preview reports with current ones.


  • Quickly and easily identify which orders have abnormal fees
  • Flag items that have abnormal weights and dimensions
  • See changes with Fee Preview reports
  • Total of fees that you can recover
  • Easily import Amazon sales and Fee Preview data
  • Works with Excel 2007+ (including Mac)


Note: The FBA Product Fee Checker is better suited for sellers with more consistent inventory that sell multiple items over time. If you sell many items, but only a few individual items, and never that same item again, the spreadsheet will not work to its full potential. Likewise, if you sell a lot of only a handful of items, you probably already know when fees change, and the spreadsheet will not benefit you.

Additional information

Release Log

6/15/16 – v1.0 – Initial release

5/11/17 – v1.1
– Fixed error with importing data on SalesData and FeePreview Old
– Fixed data imports for Excel for Mac
– Optimized several things in VBA code to make calculations faster
– Decreased overall size of spreadsheet since columns in Sales Data that are not used are now excluded
– Changed FeePreview2 to FeePreviewOld
– Added "Remove Data" buttons to each data sheet
– Added highlighting to FeePreview Compare to easily see what has changed between the two FeePreviews

1/13/2020 – v1.3
– Fixed Sales Data to work with new sales data report (which added sales tax columns)
– Added features to process data faster


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