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**This tool is currently being updated to work with Amazon’s new advertising reports**


With this tool you can easily see where your Amazon advertising dollars are going, and make better decisions because of it! Selling more products depends on properly analyzing your advertising campaigns, and making adjustments accordingly.


  • Easily see what keywords are performing the best
  • Sort by any field
  • Filter by SKU, date, and match type
  • Calculated ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) & ROAS (Return On Advertising Spending) per Campaign/ad group/SKU/keyword
  • View conversion rates by day, week and month and effectively compare them
  • See all data in graphs filterable by SKU and Date

Graph data:

  • Graph 1
    • Clicks
    • Total Orders
    • Total Spend
    • ROAS
  • Graph 2
    • Avg CTR
    • Avg ACoS
    • Avg Conversion Rate
  • Graph 3
    • Other SKU Orders
    • Same SKU Orders
    • Total Orders
  • Graph 4
    • 1 day Sales/Conv. Rate
    • 1 week Sales/Conv Rate
    • 1 month Sales/Conv Rate


Works with Excel 2007+ for PC. (Excel for Mac will work, but you will not see the graphs)

This same tool is included with the Ultimate FBA Sales Spreadsheet, but it is integrated into the net profit per SKU calculations.

Additional information

Release Log

9/9/2016 – v1.0
– Initial Release

3/17/2017 – v1.01
– Made it possible to analyze more than 20,000 records
– Fixed import data issues with with Excel For Mac

2/6/2018 – v1.02
– Fixed filtering by date in the data table. The method for doing this has changed.


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