Amazon FBA Tax Summary by State & Quarter


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Paying sales tax to different states is a huge pain! Unfortunately, if you sell with FBA your inventory can be stored, and shipped from multiple states, which may or may not require you to remit state sales tax.

This spreadsheet will alleviate some of that tax confusion and show you a break down of taxes by:

  • State
  • Quarter
  • Total taxes & sales by quarter and year

It’ll also show you:

  • What states your inventory is shipped from
  • What states your inventory is shipped to
  • Total Tax, and Sales for both
  • Filterable by date & SKU

This is very useful for those states that define tax nexus a little differently.

Even if you don’t pay sales tax to multiple states, let this spreadsheet do the math for you!

*v1.0 works with all versions of Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets – for OpenOffice and Google Sheets you will have to manually paste in the tax data report, and the filterable table will not work.


Works with the marketplace only.


Additional information

Release Log

4/1/2016 – v1.0 released
11/2/2016 – v1.1
– Fixed bug with importing tax data on Excel for Mac
– Added date and SKU filterable table to show where inventory is shipped from/to
– Added link to tax report in seller central

12/26/2016 – v1.11
– Fixed bug that prevented Ship From / To table from updating properly
– Made "Ship_To_State" a filter for easier viewing
– Removed (blank) results from table
– Set default year to 2016
– Cleared background file link

1/18/2018 – v1.2
– Amazon added two new fields to the data file that we use. This has been corrected
– Fixed filter issue with Pivot table on Tax Summary
– Added "Delete Data" to TaxData sheet
– Date formula on TaxData sheet is now filled down as needed (makes for a smaller file)


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